IAI TV Sparks Philosophy Head-to-head with John Searle

04/09/2015 11:24am

At the Institute of Art and Ideas, the team is looking forward to HowTheLightGetsIn 2016 with festival topics and themes tirelessly being revised, evaluated and put through their paces.

Meanwhile, shots were fired during July’s breath-taking spectacle of intellectual sparring between two distinguished philosophy heavy-weights.

The energetic debate After the End of Truth on IAI TV saw eminent American philosopher John Searle seeking to redefine the validity of objective truth against Hilary Lawson’s post-postmodernism and historian Hannah Dawson’s intermittent critique of realism. Meta-discussion soared online, with IAI TV viewers weighing in vociferously on both sides of the debate.

Following on from this heated dialogue, Searle went on to pen the article ‘After The End of Truth Part 1’ for IAI News. In it, he tackles “the temptation among intelligent undergraduates to adopt a conception of relativism and truth” and emphatically underlines the delineation between “epistemic” and “ontological” truth argued in the 2015 festival debate. Not to be outdone, director of the IAI Hilary Lawson responded with ‘After The End of Truth Part 2’ and pushes towards “a new philosophy that is neither realist nor relativist.”

Whether there will be a final word in this on-going cerebral saga remains to be seen, but the rest of 2015 promises to deliver more enthralling talks and debates of the like for the IAI.

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